Former LSU CB Tyrann Mathieu Enters Drug Rehab in Houston

When the story first broke, I told you that the Honey Badger had much bigger problems than smoking a little weed. I was told from multiple sources at LSU that he was out of control.

There were more drugs than just marijuana, harder drugs were being taken.  There was also several violent incidents that took place on campus that weren’t reported.  There were multiple reasons his ban was permanent.  It appears being dismissed from the team has shook him up enough to get help.

An exclusive report from FOX 8 in New Orleans says that Mathieu has been in drug rehab since Monday and that he’ll remain there for the foreseeable future, according to the player’s father.

Tyrann will remain at a drug rehab center in Houston for the near future, instead of returning to classes at LSU or any other college – in order to play football this fall.

The Honey Badger’s father, Tyrone Mathieu, tells FOX 8 Sports that he and Tyrann agree — until he conquers his demons, he won’t be successful at his future endeavors, wherever they unfold. The senior Mathieu says both Tyrann and his family are committed to restoring Tyrann’s health, no matter what it takes, believing football will take care of itself down the road.

Former NBA star John Lucas is now mentoring Tyrann daily. Lucas was a successful NBA standout for 14 years before a cocaine and alcohol addiction threatened to destroy him. Lucas successfully completed rehab and went on to have a signature second career as an NBA coach.

I hope he gets the help he needs.

It is better he gets it taken care of now than have it linger, get  into the NFL and have another Dez Bryant situation.

Either he will clean up his act or his demons will guarantee that he never steps on a NFL field.  He will have to decide what happens next.

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  • John 29:11 and Isaiah 40:31 shall comfort you through your time of recovery.. I hope the verses help with your recovery,get well TYRANN MATHIEU and fan from Cleveland Ohio and God bless you…….

    • Like prayer ever worked LMFAO

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