Georgia HS Coach Michael Carson Suspended For Sending Nude Pics To Players Mom

Man it seems like coaches are losing their minds at every level of competition.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution via Fox 5 new is reporting that Michael Carson has been suspended from Martin Luther King high school for sending nude photographs to a parent of two of his players.

“There were some nude photos involved of the coach,” DeKalb Schools spokesperson Jeff Dickerson told Fox 5. “My understanding is that they were shown to people who were around at the time, and many of them may include students.”

Reports state that Carson, who is married, was sending nude pics to a single mother of two of his players.

The mother stated that she “turned down all of his advances,” and that Carson started to take it out on her sons.

M.L. King which is apart of the DeKalb County school district will pay Carson while he is suspended.   He is not to have contact with any players or other students during that time.

Guys gotta smarten up.

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