Giants Marcus Thomas Upset With Madden 13 For Mistaken Identity

I hope I got the right picture of him.

With the release of Madden 13 on the 28th, gamers everywhere have been trying out the new upgrades as well as graphics, one gamer and football player has been trying to figure out why Madden doesn’t know who he is. Giants DT Marcus Thomas went on a twitter rant Tuesday about Madden releasing the game with a photo that’s STILL not him. According to the video game website Kotaku, the player pictured as Thomas is also named Marcus Thomas and they both played with the Denver Broncos.

Im going to ignore him saying his face is “2 dyme”.

Since Madden already released the game can they still edit his picture? My gamers and engineers, let me know this answer. Either way Madden got ahold of the mistake and apparently spoke with Thomas.

We aren’t “Dyme”?  What does that even mean?