Jeremy Lin Skype Fan Who Cried He Left The Knicks

Jeremy Lin definitely knows how to win people’s heart. Coming off the bench and creating a storm  of ‘Linsanity’ in New York, Lin showed that he deserved to be a starter and a better paycheck. Lin grew a a huge fan base and when he announced he no longer will be playing with the Knicks, some fans couldn’t take it.

Naim, a five year old, cried his little heart when he heard of Lin’s departure. His father YouTubed the video which received 30k views.

When Lin heard the news he immediately got in contact with the family and set up a Skype session and surprised Naim.

This is exactly how stars of any magnitude are supposed to act. This was the sweetest thing. Many players, movie stars, rappers or any celebrity, never get in touch with the people who made them famous and who admire them, You, the fan and thats really sad. I applaud Lin for taking 10 mins out of his day to make a young boy happy.

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