John Skelton Likely to be Cardinals’ Starting Quarterback


Let’s just be honest.

Kevin Kolb hasn’t been that good. I gave him the benefit of the doubt when he signed his big contract with the Cardinals, but when you are paid like a Franchise QB you have to play like one and he hasn’t.

John Skelton isn’t a world beater, but he simply gives the Cardinals the best chance to win.

John Skelton is likely to beat out Kevin Kolb for the Arizona Cardinals’ starting quarterback job, reports ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Kolb, who signed a five-year, $63 million contract when he was traded from the Eagles last offseason, will still start the team’s next preseason game on Friday against the Raiders. But Schefter reports that “people within the organization” expect Skelton to take the job.


  1. Larry had 80 Receptions for 1,411 Yards and 8 TDs … That is MF-ing Unbelievable considering the QBs He had to PLAY WITH Though!!!

    Kolb is An ETERNAL BUSTER and Never should’ve been given Such a HUGE CONTRACT Though… He did Absolutely NOTHING to warrant Such a Deal SMDH

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