Kevin Love on Pau Gasol: “I Tried to Take Away His Strengths, There Not Many” (Video)

This might be the smoothest Ether line ever delivered.

I really hope that Love did it on purpose because it would make him an Ether God, if it was an accident it is still funny, but it would be so much better if it was intentional. Pau abused Love and all the big men on Team USA in the Gold Medal game, so I wouldn’t be shocked if Love subliminally slid this in.

You have to be paying attention around the 30 second mark of the video or you will miss it.

5 thoughts on “Kevin Love on Pau Gasol: “I Tried to Take Away His Strengths, There Not Many” (Video)

  • Why is this beach “boy’ trying to throw shade? He needs to shut the $%^^ up go back to Minnesota where he’ll never get to celebrate a damn thing.

  • This Olympics aka International Play has EXPOSED K-Love VERY LIMITED Game (Athletically and Skill-WISE…) People were actually calling HIM The Best PF in the NBA o_O #LMAOOOOO

    K-Love is a Great YT-Hype and It’s NOT His Fault becuz I KNOW K-Love knows He isn’t as GREAT (As The Media portrays Him…) NOW I would Gladly take HIM over Pau GA-SOFT with My Lakers but K-Love isn’t a FRANCHISE-Type Player Though

    • We all know Love isn’t the most athletic PF out there–but to call him “hype” sounds like something a hater would say. Dude has become a rebounding machine and double-doubles are automatic for him damn near every game. He doing this in the NBA–the best basketball leauge on earth–so he deserves props regardless of what he did in the Olympic games.

      • DID You even READ My Comment or is YOUR Comprehension Skillz BLINDED By Your Ignorance Though… Would “A HATER” take him as HIS Starting PF for his Favorite NBA Team?!!?

        I was Being Sports Objective and YOUR Stan-Ness for K-Love doesn’t change MY OBJECTIVITY regarding HIM… He WAS WEAK-SAUCE and SEVERELY EXPOSED during The Olympics (PERIOD…)

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