Kobe Bryant vs Michael Jordan Identical Plays (Video)


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Many years before I started BSO, I asked someone who had been successful running a gaming site for some tips. He told me the first thing I should do is study the most successful sports sites and see what they did best.

From there find out what worked for me and then implement it into BSO.

Nothing is truly original, you can put your individual spin on things to make it unique, but it probably came from somewhere else.

Before Jordan there was Dr. J, Connie Hawkins, Bernard King, David Thompson and etc. Jordan put his spin on it and created his own brand.

Kobe has done the same and shouldn’t be mocked for using Jordan moves, he should be applauded for doing something that many have tried (everyone wanted to be like Mike) and all have failed.

This is a great video.


No word on if Jordan was ever shirtless in the club or accused of having an affair with Olympic swimmer, but I digress.

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