Kris Humphries Says Jumpoff Didn’t Get Herpes From Him

One small thing bothers me about the statement The Hump’s representative makes.

While he 100% denies Kris gave the woman herpes as she claims, he never denies that Humphries has herpes himself.  Take a look.

Kris Humphries says he’s “100 percent sure” he did not transmit herpes to a woman he allegedly nailed back in 2010 … claiming she’s a liar who’s making a shameless and baseless money grab.

The rep also says Kris is “100 percent sure [Kayla] did not contract [herpes] from him.”

The rep also says Kayla threatened him with the lawsuit last year and warned him she would go public unless he paid her at least $1,000,000.

Why not just say that Humphries doesn’t have herpes?  Because you can’t give anyone the Ron Mexico if you don’t have the Ron Mexico.
Something to ponder.

One thought on “Kris Humphries Says Jumpoff Didn’t Get Herpes From Him

  • Just leave Kris alone. He is just a typical guy in his twenties having fun. He’s not out there destroying the planet and women.

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