Lebron James Asks Swimmer Lauren Perdue to Dinner, She Turns Him Down

Lebron is the King of the NBA, but his pimp game needs a little work.

Lauren Perdue is one of the United States’ top swimmers, and on Wednesday she swam the first leg of the 4×200 women’s freestyle relay.

Just before the Games began, she tweeted, “Lebron James just invited me to dinner…Um wuuuutttt?!?” Around that time, the photo at right showed up on Perdue’s Instagram account. That is most definitely LeBron, trendy dork glasses and all.

On Wednesday, just after her relay, she gave the full scoop. Before the Games began, the “Dream Team” hung with the swimmers in a kind of Avengers-meets-Justice-League American hero summit. In the course of that, LeBron did indeed invite Perdue to dinner.

“He was basically like, ‘Would you like to come eat with me at the dining hall?’ And I said, ‘Um, I’m sorry, I have a curfew.’”

Damn Hairline…..

Got shot down by the curfew excuse, I haven’t heard that one since High School.  Lebron if you are going to ask a woman to dinner, don’t ask her to dinner in the “Dining Hall”.  Even Dollarnaires think that was a bit weak.  You are in London find a nice restaurant and maybe taking off those dumb glasses with no lenses might help as well.

Hope Savannah doesn’t read this.

I bet should would have said yes to Shirtless Kobe.


26 thoughts on “Lebron James Asks Swimmer Lauren Perdue to Dinner, She Turns Him Down

  • wow shes stupid

  • LeBron James is married and very good guy. He has been dating the same girl since highschool and has not given in to the power that he has to get any girl he wants. I highly doubt he was trying to hit on this girl in any way. And saying he got “rejected” when really it was just against the rules is just media hype.

  • you guys are lame! i hate how this article suggests that Lebron was trying to mess around. FUCK YOU BLACKSPORTSONLINE!

  • ummm, why would she lie in a tweet. asking her to dinner was obviously a level of “hitting on” her.

    • american women are often quite conservative about what constitutes a “date” or whatever, so this incident doesn’t suprise me at all. i’ve seen enough of them get all bent out of shape about a casual invite to coffee or lunch that means absolutely nothing, but because of their conservative, sheltered upbringing in many cases they might consider something like that a marriage proposal.

  • What a supremely dishonest headline and story. lebron asks random chick to come eat in the messhall with everyone else, and she thinks its a romantic outing. What’s worse is black websites promoting this story as if he got turned down, is there an angle I’m missing? Are we supposed to hate king james?

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