LeBron James Helps Team USA Pull Out Close Victory Over Lithuania

A win is a win.

Doesn’t matter if it is by 83 or 5. Fans overreacted to Team USA beating Nigeria and they will overreact to this win against Lithuania.

Fans who went from laughing at the 92 Dream Team comparisons to changing their mind and saying Team USA 2012 was the best, will now go back to clowning.

Because some fans have no perspective they just go with the flow and the popular opinions.

Team USA wasn’t going to blow out every team that was unrealistic, but you would have to have some perspective and your own opinion to understand that.

Strictly speaking basketball the USA fell in love with the 3 because of their performance against Nigeria, but no one shoots like that all the time.

Lebron did what he had to do as the reigning MVP and NBA champion to make sure Team USA secured the win, but he won’t get credit for that will he?