Lebron James Might Not Return to Olympics in 2016


While everybody is excited about the Olympics being in Rio in 2016, Lebron James might not participate.

“It’s been a great run honestly. I don’t know if I’m going to be part of the 2016 team.”

James will be 31 by the 2016 Olympics but that doesn’t mean his body will be the same. At the height of his career, setting records, and finally winning his ring, I don’t think James should go back to the Olympics. I believe NBA players, should all have the opportunity to join the Olympic team and win the Gold medal. This is James second Gold medal, like he said he’s had a great run.

James, other that Jordan, has won an Olympic gold medal, NBA title, MVP, and MVP final all in one year. He’s proved what everyone has been doubting, Lebron James has earned his title of King.

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