Lolo Jones Cries On Today Show; US Hurdlers Have No Sympathy

Lolo Jones broke down on the ‘Today Show’ crying about the media portraying her as “all image more than accomplishment”.

That’s not the only thing that has been revealed this morning, US Hurdlers who actually won a medal, Dawn Harper and Kelli Wells, didn’t get the same publicity for winning and Jones did for losing. Wells and Harper, didn’t enjoy not having their story pushed for the American favorite, Lolo Jones.

I personally agree with Harper and Wells, why aren’t they being covered as much as Lolo Jones? Harper and Wells actually won second and third place, stood on the podium and received medals for their accomplishment. No other 4th place winner has been on TV, why Jones?

Frankly, I believe NBC used her for ratings and Jones used them for a platform. She’s upset at the media for placing her in a media image, when in fact she did so herself. Jones also added that she watched the media two days prior to the race, why would you even watch TV when your focus needs to be on your run? Not knocking her personal accomplishments she has back home in the states, but don’t manipulate the people, when you have yet to even congratulate the women who have won. The Olympics need to be about the winners, not sub stories on personal damage.

Harper and Wells need their shine just as well and even commend them for speaking out and saying that they need their story as well. I don’t think they are “salty” or jealous of Jones, I truly believe that they just want to be recognized.

10 thoughts on “Lolo Jones Cries On Today Show; US Hurdlers Have No Sympathy

  • Unfortunately these women don’t realize they are only hurting themselves in the court of public opinion by harping on Lolo Jones. You won medals, be happy about that. Stop showing your jealousy of Lolo Jones. Lol it makes you look ignorant and trivial. The media chose to cover the Lolo Jones story and not yours. Is Lolo Jones at fault for that? It’s sad that some just don’t have the level of intelligence required to represent anything other than themselves. Guess what? The main stream media is not going to cover you at all now because you are acting like uneducated drama queens. You and only you are reducing your medals in London to a ignorant conversation about jealousy of another female American athlete. And we wonder why America thinks so poorly of some of us. Pathetic!!!

    • How are they hurting themselves? They are stating the obvious. She is the Anna K of track and field. She is pretty, marginally talented hurdler. End of discussion.

  • Bye Girl, she put herself out there trying to capitalize on being “virgin” so, Jesus mother Mary was a virgin. It’s just that “I’m the light skin pretty girl, everything should be given to me” Get real, I never heard of chick before claiming to be the female Tim Tebow.

  • They aren’t hating on or being jealous on Lolo Jones. I agree that they just want to be recognized for bringing back medals to the USA. Lolo is the one who put herself out there by posing in magazine spreads and talking about her personal dating life in multiple interviews. That created a buzz. I admit I was sucked into the buzz surrounding Jones the past couple months and was a fan. But I’m now over her after watching her place 3rd in prelimary and 4th in the gold races. She can’t back it up and it makes me question why she received so much attention in the first place.

  • I agree with Mai…let Lolo be the same complexion as Harper and she would’ve just been another competitor.

  • I guess Rob’s thirst for Lolo is done…

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