Lolo Jones Says If She Wanted Fame She Would Make a Sex Tape


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The irony is Lolo is famous because of her………………


You don’t have to make a sex tape to become famous.  If all you do is talk about is how you are not having sex, while giving out sexual vibes whenever you can it has same effect.

“I’m not running track to be the most famous person,” Jones explained during an interview with KCCI in Des Moines. “If I wanted to do that I would totally do a Kim Kardashian or Snookie. I’d do a sex tape or something like that if I wanted fame. I’m running track to get a medal so if I had that medal that would make me content.”

Honestly, I think Lolo assumes most people are stupid (she maybe on to something).  She should just be honest.  She likes the attention and the fame.  Don’t cry about it, embrace it.

There is no crime in loving attention, who doesn’t, but continually acting like it isn’t what she wants while taking advantage of every opportunity given is insulting our intelligence.

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