Love & Hip Hop ATL Star K. Michelle Claims She is Dating Ryan Lochte (Video)

Lochte seems to be the type that will sample from all 31 Flavors (he rocks Paul Wall Grills, so not a surprise he might like the chocolare ladies), so while I don’t believe they are dating, it is quite possible Lochte left her with a Jeter style gift basket.

What he probably didn’t realize is that women who are on VH1 reality shows, just don’t take their gift baskets and go they start to talk and make things bigger than they actually are.

Then they get caught on video saying they are dating a “white boy swimmer”.

I don’t watch Love and Hip Hop ATL but according to the Twitter streets it is must see TV just for the debauchery or as the young people say ratchet style behavior.

Lochte has already stated he is going to have a good time in London and he doesn’t have a girlfriend, so take this whole thing with a grain of salt.

Looks like K Michelle also had some naked pics leaked….



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