Lyoto Machida Declines to Fight Jon Jones After Jones Declines to Fight Chael Sonnen

People jumped all down Jones throat for declining to fight Sonnen who is coming off a loss and doesn’t deserve a title shot, but have been mysteriously quiet about Machida declining to fight Jones.

Dana White was very unprofessional going on Twitter and media outlets professing he is going to do everything in his power to get the belt off Jon Jones (he was acting like Vince McMahon but these fights are real) also his been mum on Machida.

MMA fighters get punched and kicked in the head for a living. If Jones and Machida don’t feel comfortable taking a fight on short notice, they shouldn’t be criticized, that is smart business.

Jones in particular was in a no win situation. Sonnen just lost, so if he beats him then everyone would just shrug, if he lost then his mystique would be ruin. Plus, Sonnen was being very disrespectful towards him, so why reward that?

Jon Jones doesn’t have the power to cancel UFC shows, Dana White makes those decision, so blame him if you have a problem.

Vitor Belfort will challenge Jones at UFC 152.

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