Manny Pacquiao Wanted to Visit Floyd Mayweather in Jail

I can tell you this with full confidence.

Floyd Mayweather doesn’t have an issue with Manny Pacquiao. His issue is with Bob Arum. Floyd will say things about Manny to get in the paper and have colorful quotes, but he doesn’t have anything personal against him.

Manny likes everyone, even Floyd, so I am not shocked by this.

“Pacquiao told me he wanted to see little Floyd, when little Floyd was in jail,” Floyd Mayweather Sr., said. “I guess he was training over there and he told me that he wanted to do see little Floyd in jail. He said he did not know if he could get in or not, and I told him I did not know if I could get in either.”

It’s unclear whether Pacquiao ever did visit Mayweather. There are no reports that he did.

People still believe the fight will happen between the two.  I do not, even if it does, they have both peaked in my opinion and it wouldn’t be as explosive or interesting.

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