Mario Chalmers Says Rondo Not Best PG, He is Top 10 & Will Be One of the Best

When a Green Lantern wears a Yellow Ring it turns them evil and crazy.

I don’t know what colors the Heat Championships rings are, but it is having an effect on Jayhawk Chalmers’ mind.

Peter Emerick: “Rajon Rondo recently said that he’s the NBA’s top point guard. What are your thoughts on that, and where do you think you rank among all the point guards in the NBA?”

Mario Chalmers: “He’s not the best, but he’s in the top five. There are a lot of great point guards in the league, Deron Williams, Chris Paul and Steve Nash. There are a lot of great guards in the NBA so for him to say he’s the best is a pretty bold statement. I’d say that I [Mario Chalmers] am in the front end of the top 10.”

Peter Emerick: “By the end of your career will you be able to say that you are the best point guard in the NBA?”

Mario Chalmers: “If not the best, than at least one of the best.”

I like Jayhawk Chalmers.

No Kool-Aid pumps in his heart, he isn’t a afraid to take and make big shots, but let’s be honest if he didn’t play for the Heat he would be Jarrett Jack and that might be an insult to Jack.

But, it is good to have dreams.