Marshawn Lynch “Beast Mode” Corn Maze Created (Photo)

This is pretty amazing.

Even the Riddler would be impressed.

Nevertheless, there is CORN MOE. I, for one, am heartened by its existence, as the country has long had a dire need for a corn maze to ghost ride the whip through.

“Every year, it’s a big decision, but we really enjoyed his Beast Mode and the fans were so behind that,” says Camille Hemenway, of Rutledge, WA.

The image was laid-out by GPS and not cut into a planted field.

The maze opens to the public on Aug. 10 and runs through the rest of the month.

If Lynch is suspended for his recent DUI struggles, he might have a lot of time to run through it.

I like how All Star Ford gets the nice ad space in the grass.

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