Mavs Confirm Dirk Nowitzki Isn’t Married, But I Already Told You That


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The day it was leaked that Dirk Nowitzki had a Ceremony in Africa, the “blogs” ran with the story that he was officially married to his girlfriend Jessica Olsson.

Consistently, I told people that wasn’t the case.

Then when the pictures started to float around even more people mistakenly said that Dirk was married.  I had to go to Twitter to clear things up.

Doesn’t matter what Coming to America gear Dirk was wearing in Africa, in the United States where he is a citizen, he is still a single man, until a marriage license is signed here.

We went to the Mavericks to figure out what’s what. And spokesfolks from the team are adamant that Nowitzki remains single, for the moment. There are wedding plans, but they haven’t taken place yet.

Nowitzki is an accessible, cooperative superstar when it comes to talking to the media about basketball.

But when it comes to his private life, he prefers things to happen far, far from the public spotlight. And he’s earned that right.

At some point Dirk might get legally married but for now Jessica can’t get HALF and if Dirk was smart he would stick the African Ceremonies because they can’t stick him for his paper for looking like Prince Hakeem.

3 thoughts on “Mavs Confirm Dirk Nowitzki Isn’t Married, But I Already Told You That

  • Married abroad but single stateside????? Kobe and LeBron are like “Tell me more!!!”

  • FYI: You can get legally married in any country. A Kenya marriage license or a German marriage license and a ceremony performed in those countries would be recognized by any all US States & territories.

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