Media Starting QB Controversy With Redskins, When There is No Controversy

I am a proponent of the best player should play.

Regardless if you are the 1st pick in the draft or Mr. Irrelevant, but when things are equal it makes no sense at all to start a controversy when you have already decided who you are going to start.

Robert Griffin III was drafted to start for the Washington Redskins. That is why he takes the 1st team snaps, that is why the offensive is tailored around him and it is the reason when he plays in the preseason it is against the opponents starting defense.

Kirk Cousins was drafted to be the back up quarterback and that is why he is playing against the scrubs in the preseason games.

If the roles were reverse, I am sure RG3 would do better against the scrubs and Cousins would have some issues going against the starters.

They are both young guys finding their ways, but for the media to say there is a controversy or that Cousins should start is absurd.

Then again this is Skip Bayless we are talking about. When he isn’t being censored he is just trolling for anything to get his name in the papers.

If RG3 struggles during the season, Cousins will get his shot, that is how it works with all NFL quarterbacks. It is a production league, but at least let Griffin play a real game, before putting him on the bench.

That is shock journalism at its finest.

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