Melky Cabrera purchased website for fake substance to beat his Supension

An already fascinating story just got that much weirder, and also that much more embarrassing for the sport of baseball. The New York Daily News broke the news that in the wake of the suspension Cabera was concocting an elaborate scheme to use to his defense against the suspension which he initially seemed to be taking in stride.

Cabrera and his team allegedly created a website for an imaginary topical cream for which Melky could present to as evidence that he unknowingly took a product which featured a banned substance. Call the move boneheaded but there is a baseball clause in place that exempts players who are proven to unknowingly ingest banned substances–hence the case of Ryan Braun. The risk was a flatout failure for Cabrera, and one that could’ve caused federal consequences as the case is now being look at by the FBI. What ever happened to just taking your punishment like a man?

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