Michael Vick Disheartened By Offseason Arrests

This off-season in the NFL has been like one we’ve never seen in regards to players being arrested.   Guys are walking around flashing firearms and driving drunk like it’s the new thing to do.

I’m actually surprised there hasn’t been more outrage or calls for football to be banned because of all the antics.   I’m joking about the ban but people tend to group a few players with the whole.

CBSSports.com Clark Judge recently asked Eagles quarterback Mike Vick what he thought about the string of arrest.

Vick was a good person to ask being that he is actually a convicted felon and has served jail time for the crime he committed.   While a lot of these guys are driving drunk and being really irresponsible, Vick knows what its like to face public scrutiny along with scrutiny from a court room.

Vick shared some of his thoughts with Judge.

“It’s disheartening,” he said, “every time I see a player being arrested, especially when it’s for pointless activity and things that easily could have been avoided. We all have to realize and appreciate the position we’re in. We are role models, and you never know who’s watching you — and I speak from personal experience because of what I went through and what I feel right now.”

“There’s no blueprint on how to live a perfect life,” Vick said. “We all have been young once, and those younger guys are just living life. But they have to understand; they have to be cognizant of what people are doing in the NFL office. There are outstanding programs that provide safe havens and opportunities for guys to take precautions — and I think we need to take heed of that.

“Hopefully, they’ll [league officials] continue to crack down on the rules and let the burdens be what they’re going to be. If there are punishments imposed then we all have to deal with it, but we all have to be conscious of the position we are in and respect the NFL.”

“[Here in Philadelphia] I think we get it as players and as a team. We’re not perfect, and we haven’t always done everything right, but we know we’re going to have to answer to coach [Andy] Reid at the end of the day — and a lot of guys don’t like going to his office.”

I myself find it appalling that so many guys who are blessed to be in such a great position in life risk it making such dumb choices.  You have money, get a cab or a car service.

You have yes man or homies around you, make one of them drive.

I think pro athletes in general really won’t get the message until a significant players causes serious harm to himself or someone else with a reckless choice.

So many players spend their time complaining about Commissioner Goodell’s harsh punishments, but I say he should be a little harsher.

You make a lovely check in the NFL and it’s a privilege.   It should be treated with honor and respect.

Maybe when guys start losing that privilege, then the dumb ones will take heed and start acting more responsibly.

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