Miles Austin Won’t Play in Preseason; Hopes to Be Back Week 1

Has anyone else noticed that it is Jerry Jones, not the coaches that is always talking about player injuries? I still forget at times Jason Garrett is the head coach, since you only hear from Jerry and he seems to make all the decisions on when someone will or won’t play.

“We’re basically just wanting to make sure he’s ready for New York,” Jones said Tuesday on KRLD-FM. “That’s where it’s all headed for him. He probably will need some work, just logic tells you, before he gets in the game, but we’re not interested in seeing him (play in the preseason).

“The risks of him getting out there and really competing at this time would I think be overruled (by) the game we have for him being completely healthy in New York. Now, I’m sure he’d be the first to tell you he could go if we were playing New York tonight, and we will have him as ready as he can be for that. So that’s the plan.”