MTSU Alum Zack Smartt Gets Hideous $1700 Alabama Back Tattoo (Photo)

This is terrible

It would be terrible if Smartt was an Bama alum, I understand some alums are very passionate about their team, but the fact that Smartt went to Middle Tennessee State, makes it even worse. Busted Coverage did a short interview with the guy whose last name should be changed to something more appropriate (“Dumb” comes to mind).

Here is what he had to say.

1- The tattoo cost $1,700.

2-  It took 10.5 hours over 3 sessions.  (1st was 4 hours, 2nd was 5 hours, and the 3rd was 1.5 hours for the final touches)

3-  My all-time favorite Alabama football moment has to be the Alabama vs UTC game on 10/05/91.  The game was certainly irrelevant in the season and was a 53-7 slaughter by Alabama, but that was the last game I was able to attend with my late grandfather… who helped raise me as a true Bama fan.  Other notes from that game… Mark McMillian had a 98-yard interception return for a TD, which still stands as the Alabama school record to this day.  Great family memories right there!  I actually told the story at his funeral… long before it was in a commercial.  ROLL TIDE!!

4-  Greatest question of all!!  LOL!
F:  Without a doubt… Blair McElroy
Marry:  Kristen Saban… there’s some money in that family!
Kill:  Barbara Dooley… mostly for creating Derek.

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  • Wow, Robert!! I’ve looked over your website and you seem to be more like a TMZ of sports than an actual sports writer. What is the purpose of bashing this guy’s tattoo?? Do you honestly think he cares about the opinion of a wanna-be sports writer?? Maybe it’s because he’s white. I mean, a website named “Black Sports Online” is bashing a white guy’s tattoo. What’s the problem, Robert? Why don’t you try checking the attitude and judgement and apply that same judgement to your writing skills… they are seriously lacking!

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