NY Giants Players Tell Prince Amukamara To Raise His Swag Level

New York Giants second year cornerback Prince Amukamara has been getting the business lately from his teammates.

Last Saturday he experienced being tossed in a cold tub by Jason Pierre Paul.  His Giants teammates are saying that was all in the name of tough love.

According to The NY Daily News, Amukamara’s Giant teammates would like for the corner to assert himself and most importantly raise his SWAG level.

Being a former defensive back myself, I’m aware there is a certain amount of brashness you have to play with to be successful.  A certain amount of cockiness.

The Giants defenders would like Prince to display that cockiness a little more.

Starting Cornerback Corey Webster addressed it in his own words.

“Some people have it,”  “Some people just have it.”

“It’s a cornerback thing. We’re going out there every play alone. D-linemen have linebackers behind them. Linebackers have safeties behind them. Most of the time (at corner) it’s just you out there, so you’ve got to have that kind of arrogance, the kind of confidence to go out and get that job done.”

Prince is soft-spoken, thoughtful, highly intelligent and articulate.

His teammates and Giants brass want to know if he is athletically arrogant enough to cut it out there on that island.

Prince Amukamara is surrounded by New York Giant teammates who are brash, arrogant, cocky, and most importantly to them full of swag.

The New York Giants expect to get with the program whether it’s by choice or forced upon him.

2 thoughts on “NY Giants Players Tell Prince Amukamara To Raise His Swag Level

  • My number one pet peeve is when sportswriters call black players articulate (also “well-spoken”). It is very much a backhanded compliment.

  • True…until you hear one speak that isn’t. Then you just CRINGE and pray for the interview to be over before he say something as dumb as he sounds…LIKE “I SEENT HIM COMING AT ME” LMAO! DEVIN HESTER, just to name one!

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