Paul Wall Offers Kobe Bryant a Custom Made Grill; Says Lebron Bought Four

Ever since Ryan Lochte had the internet going nuts for sporting his custom made diamond Olympic grill. A few days after it was discovered that Paul Wall The People’s Champ had crafted the the grill curiosity peaked about who would be the next athlete to sport a custom made piece.

Will it be Kobe Bryant?

After making global headlines this week for customizing gold-winning Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte’s ice grill, Houston rapper Paul Wall now says he is down to hook up Team USA’s Kobe Bryant with a similar mouthpiece.

“He’s the greatest basketball player of our era, of his generation right now,” Paul Wall told XXL. “We want to see him wear [a grill]…that’d be sick.” Best of all, Wall already has a vision for Bryant’s expensive conversation. “A gold one with purple stones in it,” Wall said. “Purple and gold for the Lakers.”

“I’d love if Kobe rocks one of our grills,” said TV Johnny, who added that Bryant’s Olympic teammate LeBron James has purchased four grills from him and Wall in the past. “That’d be the best. He’s a big part of hip-hop. We would do whatever he wants.” Best of all, Bryant would be able to do whatever he wants for free.

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