Pete Carroll and Terrell Owens ‘Punk’ The Seahawks (Video)


Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll is known for his pranks.  This one probably goes to the top of the list.  Normally, the team and the staff prank the new guy at some point during a team meeting.  So, for the team everything is going according to script when Carroll calls newly acquired WR Terrell Owens down in front of the team.

But when Owens demands to be heard and starts to ‘whine’ about being promised #81, but being charged $81,000  for the number. Carroll asks Owens to sit down, but he refuses and tries to keep going. Carroll starts to yell at Owens to get out…and then they let everyone in on the prank.

Owens’ history of having team chemistry problems makes this prank golden(no pun intended).  I think it also serves as hope that Owens has matured enough to stop taking himself too seriously (wait, that happened with that reality show).  Hopefully, Owens has his issues behind him and is ready to make a real contribution to a team, on and off the field. I guess we’ll stay tuned and see.