Phil Simms Says Eli Manning is Already a Hall of Famer

Sort of a silly debate because Eli is only 31 years old. Technically, you could say he is entering his prime and already has two Super Bowl rings under his belt.

Even if he never wins another ring he will pad his stats enough that he will go into the Hall of Fame on the first ballot.

But, it is fun for people to talk about if his career ended today would he get in or not.

“Here we were five years ago, before the Giants won their first Super Bowl, and all the talk that year was maybe the Giants need to bring another quarterback in and Tom Coughlin’s in trouble,” Simms told USA TODAY Sports.

Now they both absolutely one day will go in the Hall of Fame.

“Eli has been a real clutch quarterback. When you talk about why, never underestimate who he plays for and how he’s been groomed.”

Simms is probably right.

If you have Two Super Bowl rings as the undisputed starter of a NFL team you are getting into the Hall of Fame.  Add to that Eli won both of those Super Bowls in dramatic fashion against another lock Hall of Fame quarterback probably cements that.

What do you think?