Photos: McKayla Maroney Not Impressed With McKayla Maroney’s Not Impressed MeMe



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I didn’t blame McKayla Maroney for being salty.  She blew the Gold Medal in the Vault and unless you are racing against Usain Bolt, 2nd best doesn’t mean much.

I applaud her for not rocking the fake smile.  She was pissed and it was written all over her face.

We can’t see ourselves, so I am sure she didn’t know at the time how salty she looked.

This isn’t better than a Gold Medal, but besides her Dougie, she has sparked the new hot thing for people to do on social (thank God cause I was tired of people planking). As you can see from the pictures above which came from the McKayla Maroney Not Impressed TUMBLR the photoshoppers have been putting in work.

Good to see though she is taking it in stride.


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