Police Interview Man Who Says Montee Ball Beat Him Up at House Party

In my opinion Montee Ball isn’t telling the police everything he knows. My advice to him is if he is holding back something he should come clean now.

The police are investigating this hard, so they are going to find out what happened.

If Ball was involved in any way it is going to come out and if he has lied about it, the punishment could be severe.

Our sources tell us the alleged victim told police … Ball, along with other members of the University of Wisconsin football team, beat him badly at a party at an apartment complex near campus on Friday July 27th.

We’re told … the alleged victim said he suffered multiple injuries in the attack … including facial lacerations, bruising and a concussion. The alleged victim told investigators he was hospitalized for his injuries … but never filed a police report.

According to our sources, the man adamantly denied having anything to do with Wednesday’s attack on Ball.

Ball has denied being involved in any attack and I hope he is telling the truth.