Rapper MC Eiht Sending Cease & Desist Letter to Ryan Lochte Over “JEAH” Phrase

I mentioned this yesterday on Twitter.

The “JEAH” phrase that Lochte is now saying and profiting from has been around hip hip for years. The first rapper I heard say it was MC Eiht and this is going as far back as 1988.

It isn’t uncommon for people to take a phrase and not be aware of their origin, but it is silly for Lochte to think he made it up himself.

U.S. Olympic hero Ryan Lochte might have an unexpected speed bump on his way to trademarking the phrase “Jeah!” in the form of 90s rap star MC Eiht, who claims the phrase was his long before it was Lochte’s.

Eiht tells TMZ he coined the phrase back in 1988 and is insulted to hear Lochte is trying to claim it as his own now. Eiht tells us, “Why try and trademark something his ass didn’t even create? I am mad that he isn’t giving me proper recognition for taking my saying. He is just disrespectful.”

The Compton’s Most Wanted rapper tells TMZ he’s not so much concerned about the money as he is the “respect and the truth.”

Here is MC Eiht using the phrase on “Straight up Menace” on the Menace to Society soundtrack many years ago.

7 thoughts on “Rapper MC Eiht Sending Cease & Desist Letter to Ryan Lochte Over “JEAH” Phrase

  • O.K, so when does his album or reality show come out?

  • No album or reality show coming out (dumb ass), he’s just issuing a valid statement. People are too disrespectful and careless these days, it would be amazing if people just practiced humility when they do things.

    • All over the phrase “Jeah”?

      You don’t think Eiht’s using this as an opp to get his name in the mainstream?


  • i wonder how many million times ive said jeah in my life he must hold the stupidist athlete award phelps must got some goody good

  • I’d pay cash money to see the back of Eiht’s hand come in contact with Lochte’s face. Can we just set up a celebrity boxing match with the winner taking home the rights to the word? (I think we all know who’s going to walk away the proud owner of Jeah, and who’s going to crawl away needing a a new grill)

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