Redskins Fred Davis Says Drug Tests Set You Up to Fail; Explains How He Smokes Weed

You can’t take anything that Fred Davis says seriously.

This is a man who is representing himself badly in a case about strippers, pimps and thrown bottles in the club, so his opinion on things are a bit flawed.

Consider what he is saying about the NFL drug testing policy as exhibit A.

“See the thing is, people are mistaken what that was about and they don’t really know the whole story to that,” Davis explained during an interview with 106.7 The Fan’s Holden and Danny. “It wasn’t failed drug tests in a row. See, that’s the thing about it. I don’t try to get into it, because people are all ‘You failed a drug test repeatedly.’ No, they test you every week. So how is weed gonna be out of your system? It’s set up for you to fail.

“So, it’s one of those situations where you guys are all like, ‘Oh, you failed it again and again. No, it was three weeks in a row they test you, and anybody who smokes weed knows that weed isn’t going to be out of your system in a month. So, of course they’re gonna say it’s repeated.”

I spoke to BSO official Weed Source (sources say) @KUSHEDAF and asked how long could weed be detected in your system and her reply was.

“Depends on how much you smoke, but it can be up to 3 weeks.  In comes out in your sweat, so if you work out or have sex a lot,  you can get it out of your system faster.”

So, Davis technically might be correct, but I also think he smokes more than the average person. If you smoke one blunt on the 1st, it will probably be out of your system by the 21st. But, if you smoking daily, then you might have a problem.

Davis has been suspended for multiple failed tests by the way in the past, call me crazy but that is why he is getting tested so often.

The HUGE point that Davis is missing is you can’t fail a test if you aren’t smoking at all, so before you blame the NFL, how about looking in the mirror and blaming yourself first.