Replacement Refs Dont Know What A Touchback Is?

Now Roger Goodell, we can’t keep doing this, I know you’re holding out for a better deal but MY GOD! These refs, Roger are HORRID. As commissioner of the NFL, you have a duty to the players, fans and to preserve the dignity of the National Football League. Hiring replacement referees who can not tell the difference from a ‘touchback’ to a “down at the 4yd line’ during a preseason game can only mirror what you’ll see during the regular season.

Im only going to discuss one of the many games that was officiated wrong, the Buffalo Bills v. Washington Redskins. The punt was clearly downed at the Redskins 4 yard line but the referee called it a touchback. The video below clearly shows that.

Now Bills Coach Chan Gailey had to to waste a ridiculous challenge to change the ruling of the play. Now Roger, do you see the problem thats arising? Coaches are only allowed 2 challenges a game, if the replacement refs continue to make silly mistakes these challenges will be wasted and when a real challenge arises, then what?

Also, Roger, we need to fire someone in the front office because apparently someone didn’t do their homework on these referees. According to contributor, Mike Freemen, these replacement refs have a shady past.

One of the replacement refs, a line judge working a game tonight, was fired from his job as a teacher after–wait for it…
It was discovered he sent letters that contained scrawled threats and racist hate messages to co-workers.
It was determined this line judge actually sent the racist cards himself, to himself and others, so he could be transferred.
Eventually, the school used a handwriting expert to determine the teacher wrote the notes, according to a published report.

A second replacement official was at the center of what is considered one of the worst officiated Pac-10 games in that league’s history…
USC-Stanford game in 2010. Late in the game, USC ahead. Close game. Official, now a replacement ref, forgot to start the clock…
This allowed Stanford to get ball back sooner than it should have and they won the game. Writers covering the contest…
Called it one of the worst officiated games they had ever seen.

The NFL Refs have to be laughing, these facts and the countless mistakes these replacements are making on national television, only makes it easier for NFL Refs to bargain harder. Goodell, is in a tough spot. This NFL season is going to be one of the most exciting ones yet, with an exciting new class, new leaders, and new motivators on the field, it can’t be messed up because a replacement ref don’t know what a proper “holding” call is. Roger, we have to do better.

And I’d be damned if one of the officials, Craig Ochoa, hasn’t even been a major college official. You guys this guy coached Lingerie Football. Who was fired from the Lingerie Football League.

Who gets fired from the Lingerie Football League?

Im done.