Report: Jets Have “Remote” Interest in Chad Johnson

There are two problems with Chad Johnson signing with a new NFL team

The first one is because he was cut so early in Dolphins camp, we don’t really know what his skill set is right now. Was last season with the Patriots a fluke or has he just lost it?

The second problem is that the team that brings him in, has to have a coach as flamboyant as he is. That eliminates a lot of the teams in the league.

If Chad had signed with the Seahawks this offseason and then got arrested I don’t think Peter Carroll would have cut him immediately. Coach Philbin of the Dolphins is a rookie coach, who is old school and that didn’t mesh well with Chad’s outgoing personality.

Too early to say Chad is done in the NFL, we have buried players before only to see them come back from the grave (see: Terrell Owens), but it will take a team like Jets to step up and take a chance on him.

The Jets could use a veteran wide receiver, and a well-known receiver just hit the market Sunday — Chad Johnson, who was cut by the Dolphins.

“Could the Jets make a play for him? This much I can tell you: The chances of that happening are remote,” wrote Cimini.