Report: Joe Haden Didn’t Take Adderall for ADD, but To Keep Partying in Vegas


I have a friend who shall remain nameless, that says that Adderall is considered a casual drug that is taken a lot just for a pick me up or to get a buzz from.

So, I would not be shocked if that is why Haden took it.

He also probably thought because it is “medication” he couldn’t get in trouble for it, but he was wrong.

A league source tells PFT that the locker-room scuttlebutt in Cleveland is that cornerback Joe Haden tested positive for Adderall after taking the ADD medication as a “pick-me-up” during an offseason visit to Las Vegas.

This implies that Haden didn’t have a prescription for Adderall.  It also implies that luck was anything but a lady for Haden, if it’s something he only took once.


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