Roger Goodell Believes Football Should Be In The Olympics

Apparently Im not the only one who thinks American Football should be am Olympic sport, hell they have trampolining, Goodell thinks it should be in the Olympics as well. Goodell spoke with Mike Florio, and said that Football has taken major steps to get recognized by the International Olympic Committee.

“Absolutely. We’re already taking steps to gain that IOC recognition. We have, I think, 64 countries that are playing American football now, and that’s one of the requirements. That’s been growing dramatically — I think it was 40 just five years ago,” Goodell said.

“Our point is just to keep growing the game,” Goodell said. “We’re having a tremendous reaction in London and the UK for the game of football, our regular season game over there is sold out again this year, we are seriously contemplating as early as 2013 playing two NFL games next season and I think we’ll do that. It’s a response to the tremendous fan reaction and the growth of the game. If we can continue to grow the game there and have the fan reaction that we have, there very well may be a franchise in London.”

Can you imagine an NFL franchise in London? Goodell is definitely trying to make football a world wide sport to help eventually lead to the Olympics.