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Roger Goodell Discusses NFL Arrest

by Quierra Luck | Posted on Friday, August 3rd, 2012
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With the alarming number of arrest the NFL has seen this summer, Roger Goodell met with NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith to come up with an solution.

“We are going to do some things to combat this problem because some of the numbers on DUIs and domestic violence are going up and that disturbs me,” Goodell told “When there’s a pattern of mistakes, something has got to change.”

30 active NFL players have been arrested in 2012, with more than half dealing with drugs and alcohol.

“We’ve had some really good discussions with the union,” Goodell told “Now we just have to see if we can carry through with them.”

Hopefully Goodell and Smith came up with punishments that would deter any other athlete from making the same mistakes. I feel as though no one is holding these athletes accountable for their actions. There are no decrease in salaries, no real jail time, or no consequences that really hurt them. Personally I feel that if you are arrested more than once you need to be disband from playing in the NFL period, not just kicked off the team but removed all together. Its apparent you don’t care about yourself, your teammates nor the fans so why should you have the privilege of playing professional football when apparently its a joke.

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