Shaq Wants to Own a NBA Team in New Jersey

For comedic value I would like this to happen.

He couldn’t be any worse than Michael Jordan.

Shaquille O’Neal, never shy to re-brand himself in the moment, didn’t hesitate to think of a new nickname to dub himself if the former perennial NBA All-Star can accomplish the latest goal he has in mind.
“The black Ray Chambers,” he said.

Chambers, a billionaire philanthropist, co-owner of the Devils and a former Nets owner, helped move the Devils to Newark. O’Neal, a native of the city, wants to deliver a professional team as well.
He said he is working to bring an NBA team to the Prudential Center.

“Yes, still working on it, still having conversations and still doing certain things to help beautify this city,” O’Neal said. “When the time is right, we’ll have a party. I don’t want to say things that are out of pretext or context. There’s things going on, we’re working on it, trust me. We’re working on it every day.”

The desire is apparent. Always one for big proclamations, he said if a team arrives “we’ll have the biggest party Newark has ever seen.”

I hope it works out for Shaq and the people of New Jersey who would like to have another team.