Spike Lee Says Carmelo & Amar’e Need to Stop Lollygagging & Half Stepping

They were asking Spike would he ever root for the Nets.

That is a dumb question, that was never going to happen. Lee’s quotes about the current Knicks are far more interesting.

During that particular sit down he was more interested in discussing his feelings about topics such as what’s going to happen when former Knick Jeremy Lin plays against his former team.

“He might get whacked,” Lee laughed. “Not personal. Just basketball.”

Lee also understands that if said beat down is to happen the Knicks must get on the championship road.

“Look, I hope Carmelo Anthony saw LeBron holding that championship trophy. Amar’e’s my man. But I’m tired of looking up at those old championship banners.”

No lollygagging, no half-stepping, no shenanigans, no tomfoolery. Got to get serious, got to.”

Immediately this is what I thought of……

And this….

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