Stripper Amber Priddy Says Chad Johnson Was Paying Her Rent Until She Got Evicted

This is something that Chad Johnson is going to have to deal with.  Any time a man is in a high profile relationship that goes bad, other women are going to come out of the woodwork to attempt to get their 15 minutes of fame.

The sites that report on these things in general aren’t interesting in the truth, but just the attention the story is going to generate.

One woman has already claimed she had an affair with Johnson with little to no evidence and now we have Priddy’s tale.  Here is what he she had to say.

Radar Online reported on Thursday that the details on a number of alleged mistresses who Chad Johnson was cheating on is new wife Evelyn Lozada with are starting to go public with the details.

Chad Johnson has been involved with a number of mistresses for the past year, and Radar’s inside source has revealed that Johnson was seeing an aspiring model, and a stripper from Atlanta named Amber Priddy, who Johnson was allegedly paying rent for up until his own financial situation took a huge nosedive.

Radar’s source stated: “Chad has been paying Amber $2000 a month for her apartment and flying her in and out of Miami so they could meet up.”

But since Johnson’s career and life in general back fired on him, Amber Priddy, the former Black Men magazine Model Of The Year has been evicted from her apartment,Priddy also posted a plea on Twitter asking for help moving.

That doesn’t sound like an affair to me, that sounds like a jump off.

If you are a stripper and a model, but can’t come up with $2000 to pay your rent, you aren’t a very good stripper nor model.  Is it true what Johnson is being accused of?  Who knows, the truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

This won’t be the first or last woman who story “leaks” online.

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