Team USA Brings Home The Gold

Team USA couldn’t have expected for Spain to make it difficult to bring that Gold home. Pau and Marc Gasol must have gave Spain basketball team a heads up, showed film and all because Spain didn’t allow USA to get far nor push them around.The biggest difference that separated the 2008 games to now is the NBA’s new threat, Kevin Durant.

Durant had a total of  30 points and 9 rebounds, James finished with 19 points and 7 rebounds and Bryant added 17. James also was celebrated as being the only player other than Michael Jordan who has won an Olympic Gold Medal, NBA Title, MVP, Finals MVP all in one year. Coach K also had to feel a sense of accomplishment as this is his last time coaching the USA Basketball team, his record with the team is 61-1. Coach K isn’t the the only one not returning James and Bryant have both said its highly unlikely for them as well.

When Bruce Springsteen “Born in the USA” played throughout the area, the players hugged mid court, with one proud college kid experiencing life with some of the NBA’s brightest stars and his first Olympic gold medal.

A lot of records were broken at the 2012 Olympics this year:

  1. with the team averaging 117 points.
  2. Durant scoring 30 points in a gold medal game
  3. 156 point game against Nigeria
  4. 41 assist in a game
  5. Winning by 83 points

Those are just a few of the numbers put up by the team, individually some were monsters. Team USA played great basketball in the 2012 Olympics.

Congrats to Team USA and their gold medal. Lets bring it home and get this exciting NBA season started!

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