Timothy Bradley Thinks Manny Pacquiao is Scared to Fight Him Again

When you take the emotion and Jim Lampley’s bias out of the equation what happened in Bradley vs. Pacquiao was pretty simple.

Bradley fought hard and it wasn’t a complete white wash, but it was a clear victory for Pacquiao. I have watched the fight several times and if you were being extremely generous you could give Bradley five rounds, but realistically he only won 3-4 rounds.

Bad decisions happen in boxing all the time, just never to the favorite and that is what the uproar was about. If the shoe had been the other foot and it was Pacquiao given a gift decision people wouldn’t have been so up in arms.

That is why I never thought Bradley should apologize or give back his belts. The judges said he won and that is all that matters.

With all that being said he does sound delusional with these quotes, but I understand he is trying to get another pay-day.

“To be honest with you, I think a lot of people on that side are scared,” said Bradley, 28, a former two-time light welterweight titlist who in the past trumped solid prizefighters Lamont Peterson and Devon Alexander. “He couldn’t knock me out with two peg legs [Bradley injured both during the Pacquiao fight]. Me healthy, I’m going to beat him worse.”

“If Manny wants to do it, let’s do it. It’s been a circus around here,” said Bradley. “I’ve been sitting around here waiting. I want the fight, but he hasn’t decided yet.”

Pacquiao is deciding between a fourth fight with Juan Manual Marquez, a rematch with Miguel Cotto and the last resort is Bradley.

The decision will need to be made soon since Pacquiao wants to fight on November 1oth.

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