Top 10 Athletes Vanessa Bryant Won’t Date Because They Couldn’t Win Titles

This is the front runner for the funniest thing I have read this month.

Vanessa Bryant in a magazine interview, said she couldn’t marry anyone who couldn’t win titles and so someone went through the trouble of making up a Top 10 list of athletes that would never have a chance with Vanessa.

I must admit the list is pretty funny (except for one HUGE ERROR).

Here’s a quick list of celebrities that don’t have a chance with Vanessa should she should soon be single. Everyone on this list is a Who’s Who of second  lace finishers, silver medal winners, and non-championship-winners. We’ll admit some of the guys on this list are pretty old, one’s even dead, but they all have one thing in common; none have a chance in hell with Vanessa.*

#10 Charles Barkley*

#9 Carmelo Anthony

#8 Barry Sanders (Hall of Fame Running Back)

#7 Barry Bonds (All Time Home Run Leader)

#6 Mike Piazza*

#5 Ted Williams (MLB Legned with Red Sox)

#4 Richard “Pee Wee” Kirkland (Streetball Legend)

#3 Yohan Blake (silver medal to Usain Bolt)

#2. Greg Norman (Famous Golfer that never won a Major)

#1. Bill Buckner (Red Sox first basemen with infamous error that cost Boston the 1986 World Series)

Whoever made the list must not be a big Golf fan, Greg Norman won two British Opens, maybe they were talking about just on American soil.

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Athletes Vanessa Bryant Won’t Date Because They Couldn’t Win Titles

  • Add Rob Littal to the list (despite his on-going thirst for her)…unless you include title for worst grammar on his own website

    • I see some trollin goin down

  • Carmelo won an NCAA title

  • Blake has a gold medal from the 4x100m. Barkley and Anthony have two gold medals.

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