Bottle Thrown at Usain Bolt Before 100m; Judo Wrestler Edith Bosch Beats Up Fan


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Aug 5, 2012; London, United Kingdom; Usain Bolt (JAM), Yohan Blake (JAM), and Justin Gatlin (USA), Tyson Gay (USA) and Ryan Bailey (USA) compete in the men's 100m final during the London 2012 Olympic Games at Olympic Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

It appears that right before the 100 Meters final a fan threw a beer bottle at Usain Bolt.

The attempt though failed miserably and as you already know didn’t effect Bolt smoking the field to win the Gold in 100 Meters.

The funnier thing is what allegedly happened to the fan who threw the bottle.

Edith Bosch, a female Dutch judoka who won a bronze medal earlier during the Olympics, claimed that the man who threw the bottle was sitting near her and that she “beat” him. Whether that’s true or the hyperbole of an aggravated athlete was unclear in the minutes after the incident. Pictures show a contingent of Dutch athletes sitting behind the starting area. The thrower was reportedly arrested and taken into custody.

You can watch the race here.

5 thoughts on “Bottle Thrown at Usain Bolt Before 100m; Judo Wrestler Edith Bosch Beats Up Fan

  • Every once and a while….

    Someone TRIES to let us know who we really are (in their eyes)… And you can have a ton of money (ask O.J.).

  • On Dutch Television Edith Bosch told that she punched the bottle thrower in his back. And this man should not be called “a fan” but “a criminal”.

  • A bit of an overexageration: the heading of the article seems to suggest that an athlete went to town an acted as an aggressor here, whereas in fact she helped detain an attacker of athelets. I think some rectification is in order here as people get the wrong idea based on the heading. Edith Boss should get an upgrade of her medal in my view… It took 5 guys to get this punk out of the stadium… (see It only took her 1 slap on the back…

  • Edith didn’t beat up this “fan”. Out of shock she just reacted and slapped him in the back once. You make it seem like the man was beaten up horribly.

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