Unauthorized Batch on Condoms Sneak Into the Olympic Village

A man’s condom choice is no different from his choice of Biggie vs. Pac, Coke vs. Pepsi or Beyonce vs. Rihanna. It is serious business.

You have to be comfortable with your condom choice (well you never really comfortable, but you get what I am saying) or it can effect your performance.

Even scarier if it fails you, you might be on Dr. Phil like this with your baby mama.

So, it is very important that Olympic organizers nip this in the bud….


Larry Brown Sports gives us the lowdown.

The photo that you see above was tweeted by Australian BMX cyclist Caroline Buchanan. As you can see, it shows a bucket of condoms with a clever tag line of “Kangaroo condoms, for the gland down under.” The problem is the condoms were not made by Durex, which is the official condom supplier for the London Olympics. Yes, they have one of those.

“We will look into this and ask that they are not handed out to other athletes because Durex are our supplier,” a spokeswoman for the London Olympic organizers told the Guardian.

The condoms in the quirky basket were produced by Durex rival company Ansell Ltd. from Australia and the privately-owned British firm Pasante. Spokespeople from those companies said they have no association with the London Olympics and suggested it could be a prank. If not, it’s tremendous guerrilla advertising.