Vanessa Bryant Denies Getting Plastic Surgery to Stop Kobe From Cheating


I don’t think plastic surgery was going to change things, but Nessa decided to make a statement on the matter.

Vanessa Bryant has been forced to deny that she has been under the surgeon’s knife after reports suggested she had sought cosmetic help to stop philandering husband Kobe from straying.

Her representatives have blasted the allegations as ’100 per cent not true’ and ‘ridiculous’.

During her appearance at the London Olympic Games, the 30-year-old set tongues wagging that she had undergone surgery after pictures of her looking rather different from her former self emerged.

A source told The National Enquirer that Vanessa was starting to feel ‘insecure’ about her looks and ‘would do anything to keep Kobe happy.’

She looked like she might have had a nip or tuck. Doesn’t really matter, that isn’t going to stop Kobe or any man from cheating.

If he wants to cheat he is going to cheat.


  1. Well he had to go all the way to Germany to get (then) super secret knee surgery to play at a high level and feed her ass. Her getting surgery should be no big deal.

    I’m only kidding.

    She’s no different than any other insecure, aging, model/actress. I don’t think she needs any surgery but who I am I?

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