Video of Dolphins Joe Philbin Cutting Chad Johnson Reveals Cold World of NFL

True story.

I had two older cousins when I was growing up who were both drug dealers.  I was around 15 at the time and one of my cousins was robbed.  He was car jacked, they took all his money and jewelry and beat him up pretty badly.

When I asked my other cousin why he never had these type of problems he said something that I will never forget.

“Never dangle meat in front of hungry lions, they might bite your head off in the process”

His point being don’t give people a reason to do harm to you.  The cousin who was beat up was flashy, always talking about how much money he had and wasn’t shy about throwing it in people’s face.

My other cousin was low-key, if you looked at him you would think he was unemployed college student.

From the time Chad Johnson walked into the coaching meeting on Hard Knocks, Joe Philbin’s face said…….

“I don’t want this guy.”

Now, there are many coaches who put up with players they don’t want for the betterment of the team.  Sometimes it is their talent that keeps them around, sometimes their contract or a combination of both.

When don’t have these type of safeguards in place, you can’t throw your money in people’s faces and think when they get a chance they won’t rob you.

Chad Johnson read the situation wrong.  Don’t know if that was management, Philbin or Chad’s part, but he was under the wrong impression that he could be the Chad Johnson of old.  The Dolphins are being ran like the Patriots not the Dolphins.  In hindsight, Chad should have tried to fly under the radar.

By the time Chad figured that out it was too late.

If you watch the first part of the video you will see Coach Philbin mentioning “Tweets”, the cursing, the press conference and etc.  What he was saying that he didn’t like Chad Johnson “the character”.  I don’t think Philbin had an issue with Chad Johnson the person, but he is an old school coach who is use Football Players being Football Players first.  If Chad would have built that rapport with Philbin early in their relationship he might have been able to survive his arrest.

I believe Philbin was already thinking about cutting Chad Johnson, but considering the lack of talent the Dolphins have on their receiving core, he couldn’t just cut him without a good reason.

Being accused of assaulting your wife is a good reason.

If he is found guilty of headbutting his soon to be Ex-wife, you can’t blame Philbin, Chad has to look in the mirror and blame himself.   When I worked in the corporate world many years ago all the entry-level guys had saying.

“They can’t fire you if you are doing everything right.”

The facts are Chad’s wife has a 3 inch gash in her forehead and the situation could have been avoided.  Everyone makes mistakes and we don’t know exactly what happened, but we do know he could have walked away and if he did that he would probably still have a job.

If someone wants to shoot you, don’t hand them a loaded gun.

The NFL is a Cold World, sometimes you only get one strike and Chad struck out looking.

Chad Johnson isn’t a bad person, he is caught up in a bad situation of his doing and  he has to deal with the consequences of his own actions.

If you wear a big gold chain, don’t be surprised when it gets snatched.


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  • BSO is awesome site

  • That was cold….. But was he really thinking he could talk his way out of it?

    No one is going to touch him until after his court mess is settled. No team is going to want that much attention by bringing him in anyway….

    Everything sucks for him right now…..

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