Vincent Jackson Thinks Josh Freeman Is A Top 5 QB

Gotta appreciate a new teammate standing up for his quarterback.  especially when that teammate needs the quarterback to get him the ball regularly.

Pro Football Talk is reporting that new Buccaneers wide receiver went out on a huge limb Monday when he proclaimed his new signal caller one of the top 5 in the game.   Yes Vincent went there with his top 5 dead or alive claim.

Jackson was being interviewed and made some comments about his former teammates on the Chargers and their talents.

He continued with some praise for his new quarterback and wrote that check Freeman at this point and time can’t cash.

“We were a little more flashy as far as the names go (in San Diego), but I think we’re just as talented here all the way across the board.” Jackson said Monday. “We have tight ends, running backs and obviously, Josh Freeman, and he’s a quarterback I think should be mentioned among the top five in the league.”

Again i can appreciate confidence and bravado in acknowledging your teammates skill level.  It’s just that this statement is a flat-out lie.

Freeman may not even be the be the best quarterback in his own division.  Lets see Brees, Ryan, and Cam Newton.  Thats just the quarterbacks in the NFC south, I didn’t even file through the other divisions.

Point is it’s a nice gesture Vincent but ease up a little sir.