Warren Sapp Says Bill Belichick Had an “Erection” For Him

If the point of a book tour is to gather as much media attention as possible, Warren Sapp is succeeding at that. He might be looking crazy while doing it, but any press is good press I suppose.

Besides not letting go that his Twitter source was wrong about Jeremy Shockey being the Saints Bounty Snitch, he said some interesting things about Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

Sapp, on a massive publicity tour this week to pump up a book, told ESPN Radio that at the NFL Combine two months before the draft, he met with then-Cleveland coach Bill Belichick and here’s what was said (1:10 mark):

“He said ‘I wanna draft you so bad that I have an erection right now. But [GM] Mike Lombardi will not let me draft you. I just want you to know it is not on me. I want you in Cleveland.’”

I wonder if that how Belichick worded it, because that seems like an odd thing to say. But, Sapp has to sell books by any means necessary if he wants to restore his Jordans collection.

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