Warren Sapp Still Thinks Jeremy Shockey Was Saints Bounty Snitch (Audio)


Is Warren Sapp trying to get fired?

He went on the Mike Francesa show in NYC to promote his new book and things got a little testy. Jimmy Traina from SI.com Hot Clicks points out the most interesting parts.

The NFL told Sapp to stop talking about Jeremy Shockey and the Saints Bounty situation. We all know that Shockey wasn’t the snitch and Sapp got his information from a bad Twitter source.

Considering his is going through a bankruptcy where he has to sell all of his Jordans he shouldn’t be doing anything to jeopardize his main job at the NFL Network.

Keep a lid on it Warren.

You can listen to entire interview here.


  1. Please stop using that big bug-eyed picture of Sapp.

    I’m no fan of his, but we need to stop using photo’s that caucazoid use of us in the newspapers…..

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